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Busy Bee Garden Services Ltd provide an annual lawn treatment programme to suit individual lawns needs. The treatment process needed by your lawn will vary dependent on the problems and condition of the lawn.

Busy Bee believes the way to a healthy lawn is by carrying out an annual lawn care programme and working together with our clients to form a relationship where we can get the best from your lawn

Our annual lawn care programme is a combination of weed control, moss control and nutrient rich treatments usually consisting of 4 visits a year to give your lawn the right balance to get it looking lush, green and healthy. Busy Bee's offer a free quotation visit to asess your lawn and discuss a treatment plan with you.

Our operatives may recommend mechanical treatments such as hollow tine aeration and scarification in addition to our annual lawn care treatments If your lawn is particularly mossy and / or heavily thatched. We believe our treatment programme stands out against programmes of other lawn care service providers, as we offfer a comprehensive range of treatments tailored specifically to your lawns needs and have the expertise to carry out these procedures.

Many factors such as grass type, soil type and drainage determines type and quantity of nutrients correct for your lawn. A cheap nitrogen product which will quickly green up your lawn is often incorrectly applied by non-professionals, but this only creates a huge amount of mowing and unwanted Problems such as thatch and moss. At Busy Bee we believe that, to create a green and healthy lawn it is necessary to apply products which are lower in nitrogen and contain nutrients and organisms which aid the soil in unlocking the lush green lawn you desire.







Our Key Services


Busy Bee Garden Services design our estate and grounds maintenance plans to suit your unique environment.

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Busy Bee’s lawn care service consists of four treatments per year, starting in March and ending in November.

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If hedge cutting has become a hassle, leave it to the experts. Busy Bee can prune and trim most hedges.

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At Busy Bee, we offer a range of fencing designs to accommodate both domestic and commercial clients.

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Our Merrist Wood College trained designers can remodel your garden starting from concept to a fully drawn out plan.

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You’ll be amazed at the immediate improvement a patio or driveway clean from Busy Bee will bring to your garden.

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